Hard-work and relaxation

Here is the list from the weekend. Let’s take at look at my accomplishments.

  • Clear failed corn from garden
  • Prep that area for the spaghetti squash to grow in
  • Laundry
  • Deep clean a bathroom
  • Remember to find some peace

In addition to the list Saturday we went blackberry picking. We found lots of fruit but it was all still red, and not ready just yet. We picked a few just to help show the kids how, and headed back to the house. I cleaned up the tomato plants. I was also able to pick a few cucumbers and a nice zucchini. I also picked a handful of beans that were ready.

I have noticed that my cucumbers do not store in the fridge like store bought ones do. I wonder why that is. Maybe I will ask Mr. Google, he usually has answers.

I folded and hung laundry on Sunday. I put away 4 loads! I really need to replace all the broken hangers because I never have enough to put away the clothes.

Hard-work and relaxation


I did not deep clean a bathroom. Just the usual swish and swipe. I did however get in the pool with the kids, and clean out some leaves from the rains on Friday and Saturday. It was nice to get in there and splash with the kids.

I also got the opportunity to sit with my husband on the couch and just relax for a while. It was peaceful, and something I really needed.




Mindfulness on the homestead

I posted a few weeks ago about a book I read several years ago, and decided I wanted to read it again. I have been reading it slowly this time. Really examining each passage with new eyes. Focusing on better understanding, deep breathing, and meditation. It has helped to prompt me to reexamine my health.

James LouisK. Stevenson

I feel like everytime I go see my doctor they treat my symptoms, and don’t really care to get to the root of the problem. It is like they won’t consider they are related. This was better illustrated when I went in after I developed a rash on my arms and legs last Friday and went in to get to the bottom of it. My PCP was on duty. She said it looked like a reaction to something topical, but I have not changed anything I use in years. The only new thing was I had a CT scan with oral and IV contrast the Tuesday before. She said she didn’t think it was from that but then gave me oral steroids, a topical steroid cream, told me to take zyrtec or claritin, and use hydrocortisone on my face. All this after she said it wasn’t a reaction to the IV contrast. No follow up to determine what I was allergic to, or to run some tests to see if it is a new symptom in my list of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Now I really don’t want to switch doctors because this one is close, it has later hours, and sick hours on weekends and holidays. However, all that is meaningless is they are’t going to be helpful.

This lead me on a search for a new primary doctor. I want a doctor that will treat me as a whole person. Once I figured out what kind of doctor that was I searched my insurance network for one of those. I found one in a neighboring town it’s about a 20 minute drive, but I hope it will be worth it. Now I need to figure out if I need to notify my insurance company of the change in my PCP, and schedule an appointment.

After I failed to make a list last week, I decided to make my list early. This weekend I am keeping my list short. Not that I won’t do more, but I want to at least do these things.

  • Clear failed corn from garden
  • Prep that area for the spaghetti squash to grow in
  • Laundry
  • Deep clean a bathroom
  • Remember to find some peace

That is all I am putting on the list. What are y’all planning for the weekend? How are you finding your peace in the small moments?

I didn’t make a list!

It was a rough weekend for me. Last week was difficult at work. I had a medical procedure scheduled, and a difference of opinion with my supervisor. I did great and the test came back all clear, but Friday I developed a rash which I can only assume was a delayed reaction to the contrast. Saturday I had such pain in my right side I just went to bed to see if rest would heal it. It did. Sunday I had more pain but this was in my back on the left side. So I went to bed early and prayed for God to take it with rest, and he did. Today I just have the usual nausea I get when I have not eaten yet. I think I have accepted this is just my life now. But the most important thing, I did not make a list for the weekend and it showed in my progress. I didn’t take pictures of the garden, and I barely did any work around the house or garden.

I was able to get out and pick some of the beans that had sprung up, not even enough for a meal, but they are in the fridge for a few days and there will be more by the time we are ready to eat them. I watered the garden for the first time this year because it has been really hot, and dry for the last month. I planted some more sunflower seeds that I have had for a while. I ate all 3 of the cucumbers that came out of the garden and they were delicious. I folded and put away the laundry from the week, but I didn’t hang any on the line, or do any additional loads like I usually do. I know it is because I was in pain, and because I didn’t plan ahead.

Here are the garden pictures from the last few weeks to show the progression since I didn’t snap new ones.

Looking to next weekend I am going to make my list early. How did your weekend turn out?

I found so much JOY!

My weekend was so much more productive than I planned. First, I worked for over an hour in the garden pulling weeds and pruning tomato plants. My husband, and my kids all got in there and helped out it was wonderful. We harvested some beans, and a zucchini. There a loads of beans that will be ready over the next few days, and a yellow squash and another zucchini. I will get in there the night we are going to have it for dinner and grab them to give them a little more growing time. The cucumbers are almost covering half of the back fence, which is what they are supposed to do. No cucumbers yet, but if the flowers are any indication then we should be having cucumbers everyday in a week or so.

My husband and kids moved our compost pile to an empty bin we had under our deck. We will use it as the active bin, and place another smaller one beside it for the first turn over once the active bin is full. It will finish on the ground, just open to the air. I hope to make it my chicken area and just let them do the compost for me, but that is not on the horizon anytime soon.


Left is a volunteer squash that has taken hold on the other side of the fence. In the past, before our compost bin we tossed rotting, or otherwise inedible produce of the fence into the woods. This guy survived, and planed himself!

I got most of the laundry folded and the kids put theirs away. Of course it is a never ending battle with laundry so there are now 2 more loads that need attention.

My wonderful husband mowed the backyard Sunday morning very early to beat the yellow jackets and the heat.

I started my new supplement Friday before bed, and so far I am not noticing any difference, but it will take some time to work into my system I’m sure. I was more tired Saturday afternoon, almost fell asleep. I have also been finding more happiness.

I also got into the pool and cleaned out some of the leaves and seeds that settled in the bottom. It felt good to do something that I have enjoyed in the past, but have avoided more recently. My favorite float got popped by my favorite puppy so I put a new one in my Amazon cart. It is less than $5 this time!

Sunday afternoon I planned to get the charging stations back in working order. Man plans and God laughs. I did mote laundry and pulled the clothes off the line with seconds to spare before the heavens opened up and poured some much needed rain onto the garden.


Lastly, I found my JOY!

I found so much joy in my weekend I am overwhelmed.

I found joy in my garden with the people I love.

I found joy by going to the store and everyone picking out toppings for ice cream sundaes.

I found joy in sleeping 2 hours longer than usual on Sunday morning.

I found joy in hanging laundry on the line with my youngest.

I even found joy in cleaning the pool.

I once read a book, Peace is Every Step, and it taught me so much about how to be content in your life where you are.

What did you find joy in this weekend?

Keeping it going

Another week has come and gone, and that means another to do list!

6.23 to do listI am looking forward to getting my first squash from the garden, and I think I have enough yellow beans to get another meal out of those too! 🙂

I have got to stop moving the clean clothes from my bed to the basket to my bed to the basket again. So I am going to get them folded and hung up by Sunday night.

I am starting a new supplement recommended by my therapist. I want to see how it feels being on that before I get into it.

My husband and I both wanted to have mow the backyard on the list so someone will be doing that.

I have a wonderful entry piece that my husband built with hooks and shoe cubbies, and charging stations at the top. All our chargers have migrated to various locations throughout the house. I will be gathering those back up and getting them put back in their places.

I am going to find some joy. I have been so depressed because I have felt so sick for such a long time. While I do realize that I am in no way as bad off as many people out there, it is difficult for me to not feel like myself. My pain, or what I am struggling with in no way diminishes those who are struggling with their own trials. So I am determined to find some joy in my weekend. I have not been wanting to do anything that I used to love, and I am going to do something.

Tune in next week to find out what that something is.

Is my home making me sick?

Ever since my quick health decline over a month ago, that I am still trying to figure out, I have been looking into ways to be healthier. They say change begins at home so I should start there. If you have been reading my blogs then you know I absolutely love Justin Rhodes’ channel on Youtube. Him and his wife are a true inspiration for me and my family. When they said they would be part of a FREE online conference where they talk about their home, health, and how to be healthier at home I signed up right away. There is a powerhouse list of speakers, but it was Justin & Rebekah that got me interested in the Toxic Home Transformation.home18_logo-600

Then it occurred to me that my few followers might also be interested in this. Here is a link to sign up. It is totally free. However, they are selling bundles that include things like permanent access to all the speakers, and copies of books from some of the speakers. Of course, if you would like to have more access then by all means get in on those bundles because they are a good deal. But if you are like me and you like free then just do what I did and sign up for the free version.

Here is a list of the schedule. If you are like me then you will have to login with your link and catch each day as it is presented, “Each day’s talks are on demand for a 24-hour period beginning at 10:00 A.M. U.S. eastern.” It starts next monday June 25th.

I am not an affiliate, I do not earn any money for this. Although if I get 5 people to sign up then I can get a discount on the bundles. While that is nice, I still won’t spend the extra money just because I can watch it when I want to on the day it airs, and I am cheap. Hopefully I can post again about some of the great ideas I come away with after it has all been posted.

Feeling accomplished

I love that I am finally feeling more like myself. Even if I still struggle to go places I like going for fear of totally unrealistic things happening.

I started the weekend with a list, which if you haven’t figured out I really like lists.

Feed the Garden- Check

Go through kid closet- Nope

Mow the yard- Some of it, and it was hubby that did it but it counts- Check

Figure out Sunday meals- We didn’t starve, so Check

Get in the pool- I didn’t get in the pool. However, I sat outside with the kids while they got in the pool and that is close enough for me. Check!

I also finally harvested something from the garden. These are some indeterminate yellow beans that we planted. They start with these beautiful purple flowers too.

Here is how she is growing. I have lots of flowers on the squash plants. I hope to be getting some food from those in the next week or two.

How did your weekend pan out? How is your garden growing? Can’t wait to give another  update next weekend.