Hard Work

Hard work pays off. I have 3 tomato plants. I know it’s not much, but I didn’t want to can any just grow enough to supplement our uses. Well I am certainly on the road to that. I am getting roughly 10-15 fresh tomatoes every 3 days. After a 4 day camping trip with my family we returned home and I knew I had to get in the garden. I haven’t weeded it a much longer than I should have, and I needed to clean up after my corn and get something else started there. I spent several hours out there, in pants and long sleeves (in NC heat) I was sore but feeling accomplished.

The next day I had an Orthodontist appointment to get braces. Yes I am a 30 something adult getting braces. On my way down to the basement to get a load of laundry started I slip on the steps and take a tumble. Nothing broken, just really bruised up.

Today my body aches, and my teeth hurt, and I can’t even eat the fruits of my labor.


Things are growing

I have harvested a few tomatoes, and a squash and a zucchini! I only planed 1 yellow squash, and 1 zucchini plant because I always end up with millions of them and they go bad, and I get mad because I didn’t use them. I also did a green bean tee-pee this year. It has turned out awesome!

Here is a pork roast I made using the first tomato from my back yard. I should have taken a picture when it was finished, but I was hungry and then it was GONE!


Father’s Day

If you remember a few months back I got my husband a very practical Valentine’s Day gift, then this post will come as no surprise. If you haven’t read that one it is here:

This year we have invested in camping gear with our vacation budget. Our hope is to reduce our budget over time but still do just as much fun stuff by reusing this gear. One of those items was a 10 person tent. We are a family of 7 and this tent could easily hold us all and our bags. Although we took a second tent for our sons to share it was not really necessary. Here is the tent we purchased so far it has been a good tent:

One lesson I learned. I hate being hot. If we are really going to do this then I need a way to stay cool in the tent. So when I asked Hubs what he wanted for Father’s Day he said a fan or something for the tent so we will be more comfortable. We also use a fan at night for white noise, but when you are camping there is plenty of that to go around.

Here is the plan:

I have never embedded a video before so I will see if that really worked. LOL

I bought these items:

5-gal. Bucket Companion Cooler (3-Pack) 1-1/2 in. x 2 ft. PVC Sch. 40 PipeDaredevil 2-1/8 in. Wood Hole Saw with ArborWhite Reusable Easy Off Lid for 5-Gal. Pail (Pack of 3)5-gal. Homer Bucket (3-Pack)Daredevil 2-1/4 in. Wood Hole Saw with Arbor

And the most important part, because I will have no way to refreeze during the day and I want to be able to use this for several nights in a row:

2 Ply Standard Techni Ice Sheet

I just make 1 so it will cost me $118.91.

If I choose to make 3 instead and include the cold packs it would cost me $201.89. I may choose to use the extra buckets and inserts to make 2 more and sell them but that will be a later choice for now. A rechargeable fan that claims to last 8 hours on low will get us through the night and I can plug it into the USB charger in my car in the morning to get it back up and running for another night. I ordered enough ice packs to last 3 nights, and as long as I keep them in a cooler they will stay cold.

I will post again after they arrive and I assemble this.


Home Improvements

Part of our journey will be to pay off our house and sell it. In order to do that, and also because we want to have functioning and pretty spaces, we do a lot of home improvement projects. Obviously, we are very DIY. But also my husband grew up working with his dad who was a general contractor. My father in law is retired now, and often just needs a project to occupy his time. Our main bathroom has been that project. I wish I taken before pictures. But here is the after:

I pushed for that shelf in the shower. I wanted it so badly. The counter top is granite that we got locally. 

Lastly, I basically l let my husband pick everything. I made suggestions but let him have the final say on all the design elements. He has great taste. I learned that after our last project when he put a pallet wall in our living room.


I love spring. It’s got warm weather, kids are getting excited for the end of school, and everything is blooming. It’s the perfect time to start something. This journey we are on is a long one, and I have accepted that. There will be set backs. But sometimes you get a day like today that just fills you with optomism. I worked in my little garden plot today. All day. And I got my cucumbers planted, and my corn planted. I’m off by my moon dates, but today is the last frost date for my area and I can’t wait anymore. Here are my little rows of corn:

I also helped my little girls plant some flowers. Those rows are a bit more haphazard so I’ll post again when they grow up some. But my youngest got to plant this little guy at a spring event she happened upon while out with her Nana.We transplanted it today.

I would love to see what you have growing.

Hello little fella

Look what popped up sometime the last few days. I swear I just planed these seeds a week a go! I will pick one to grow up in the garden but we shall see which one is the winner in a week or two.

Also he is not alone.

This is one of the reasons I love living in the south. I will be planting in a few weeks while my northern friends will have to wait and little longer.