Sharpening My Skills

My little sewing machine

I saw somewhere online a list of homesteading skills to learn. One of those skills was sew your own clothing. I took a sewing class in high school. I made a little black dress, and it was very poorly made, but it fit and I wore it…once. I have had a sewing machine most of my adult life. It sat in a corner of my bedroom gathering dust for several years. I also have a bag of things that need repaired.

A few months ago I cleaned up a corner of my bedroom and found a cheap computer desk to use as a sewing table. This is the one I picked:
Last night I opened the bag and repaired 2 pairs of my husbands dress pants he wears to work and to my disbelief a coat, dress, and 2 skirt’s for my 10 year old that have been in the bag since my 16 year old wore them. I know, I know, shame on me.


I threaded bobbins with different colors and went to town. Now don’t get me wrong. I know that sewing a few repairs is not the same thing as making your own clothes. However it is a step in the right direction. If I can stay on top of repairs then maybe my children will not outgrow the clothes before I get to making the repairs. Also by having it out and accessible I might be more inspired or inclined to actually make something from a pattern. I also learned how to use a pattern when I took that class. I’m sure I remember how to do that.

All in all I have come to accept that homesteading is not an end goal. It is the journey we take to get there.



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I am a mom to 5, a wife to 1, and a friend to all. I want to live off the land, and I want to tell you how we did it, so you can do it too!

4 thoughts on “Sharpening My Skills”

  1. One of the most useful things I learned how to do recently was repairing “chub rub” holes in blue jeans! (Also works on other holes where the fabric has actually worn away as opposed to just split.) Good on you for patching things up!

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    1. You will have to share that one! I am always losing pants to my thighs. I can patch knees and elbows but I have never though about that part before. Would love to see some bwfore and afters.


    1. It is so easy. They all come with easy instructions. I learned when I was in 10th grade, for the most part it stayed with me. If you can sew a button and a straight line by hand you can use a machine. I believe in you. 🙂


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