I have been reading this book about Urban Homesteading. 

I like this book, and this idea because it best resembles our situation. We have little more than half an acre of land, and are technically inside city limits. We are literally 3 houses from the city limit. One of the many things I have already learned from this book was that starting a compost bin really needed to get higher on my priority list. So… Essential Project #1

Step 1: Acquire a box. I saw an idea online about using a large pumpkin box as a compost bin. They last about a year when left outside, and they are really easy to find (I just went by my local produce stand and asked they even loaded it into my car for me).

Step 2: Figure out where I want to place my bin. I think I am going to place it where the second addition to the garden will be going at the end of next summer’s growing season. By then this bin should be finished compost and i can just till it into the new area and put it all to bed for the winter.

Step 3: Fill with stuff. there are millions of posts about what to put in a compost heap so I won’t repeat all that here.

Step 4: Water as needed, and add more stuff. I really like when they said that they were lazy and weren’t going to turn their pile. I felt a deep connection with the writers at that point.

When this box is full, or by next spring whichever happens first I will get a new bin and start over while this one cooks.

What do you think? What is everyone using for compost bins out there? Have any of you read this book? Do you have any suggestions?


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I am a mom to 5, a wife to 1, and a friend to all. I want to live off the land, and I want to tell you how we did it, so you can do it too!

3 thoughts on “COMPOST BIN”

  1. I moved to tumbling composters to make the compost quicker and to stop the critters. It also reduces flies and kept my dogs and chickens out of the pile!


    1. That may be the way we go eventually, but it was free and I could do it now. Eventually the cardboard will breakdown and I can compost the old bin into whatever I decide to use next. I liked the instantly start aspect.


  2. We started out with the $40 “earth machine” which we had for years but critters always dug under (we’re urban homesteaders as well), then we built a HUGE one from old cedar fenceposts which was great until rats CHEWED their way through the wood, so we, like Emma, finally moved to tumblers which were about $99/each and while they don’t hold as much stuff, they actually turn into compost MUCH quicker because of the tumbling and the heat on the black (recycled) plastic. As a side note? We never add anything to our bins – have been doing this for over a decade and everything goes in it (including dairy and pasta, I don’t care what they say, it degrades…only thing we don’t is meat/bones which goes into our curbside compost bins that get picked up weekly here in Portland), just toss the food and garden scraps, give it a spin and it’s fine 🙂


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