Home Improvements

Part of our journey will be to pay off our house and sell it. In order to do that, and also because we want to have functioning and pretty spaces, we do a lot of home improvement projects. Obviously, we are very DIY. But also my husband grew up working with his dad who was a general contractor. My father in law is retired now, and often just needs a project to occupy his time. Our main bathroom has been that project. I wish I taken before pictures. But here is the after:

I pushed for that shelf in the shower. I wanted it so badly. The counter top is granite that we got locally. 

Lastly, I basically l let my husband pick everything. I made suggestions but let him have the final say on all the design elements. He has great taste. I learned that after our last project when he put a pallet wall in our living room.



I love spring. It’s got warm weather, kids are getting excited for the end of school, and everything is blooming. It’s the perfect time to start something. This journey we are on is a long one, and I have accepted that. There will be set backs. But sometimes you get a day like today that just fills you with optomism. I worked in my little garden plot today. All day. And I got my cucumbers planted, and my corn planted. I’m off by my moon dates, but today is the last frost date for my area and I can’t wait anymore. Here are my little rows of corn:

I also helped my little girls plant some flowers. Those rows are a bit more haphazard so I’ll post again when they grow up some. But my youngest got to plant this little guy at a spring event she happened upon while out with her Nana.We transplanted it today.

I would love to see what you have growing.