Valentine’s Day Gifts

After Christmas my husband and I had a serious talk about gift buying for one another. He suggested, and I agreed, that from now on we would not buy each other gifts unless they were something we really needed, or something that would be useful for our future life. SO I started small. Valentine’s Day is a day we usually exchange little gifts, candies, etc. I bought my husband a Watt Meter.

This one to be exact. He took it out and immediately started playing with it without reading the instructions. Silly boy and his new toy. Then he took it down stairs to the basement to plug the washing machine up to it. Since we won’t be moving the fridge until we get some time to clean it out and all the stuff in front of it he just couldn’t wait to start using it. We shall see if the spec sheets match up to actual usage, and it will help us better determine what we need to get that appliance running on solar power only.

I got discount chocolates today, because he knows I still want chocolates, and I will appreciate his saving money.

So what did everyone else get for Valentine’s Day?


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