Okay now what?

We have been on our cash only budget for a while now. We survived Christmas without adding more debt (that is the key not adding more debt to your existing debt). So We started thinking about those other needs. We tend to start with things that we know will be difficult for us. We have had a garden for many years so we know a little about growing our own food. Of course we didn’t grow enough to sustain us, or preserve any, or even worry about it too much because it was just there to give us produce while it was still growing. So we are practicing skills we will use later, while we are still here in our 9-5 life.

The item on the list that we are most worried about is power.

We plan on using Solar, but are open to other ideas as well. I would prefer to be grid-tied with a battery backup, but my husband wants to be truly off grid. So we have decided that we should play with solar power a little at our current location.

Our plan is simple:

Buy a Watt Meter, and track the daily usage of our second fridge. Then, we will purchase a battery, or batteries, to be able to power the fridge off a solar panel full time for a year. We do not plan on using a lot of electricity, but want to be sure that we understand and appreciate how much it takes and how much we need.


This is the panel kit we plan to purchase in the next year to test our solar ability.

We worry most about power because in our timeline our 3 smallest children will be teenagers when we move off grid. Our older 2 will be adults, so they didn’t figure into power usage.

So, what are, or were, your biggest worries going into this journey? Where are you in your journey? Do you have any advice on this area? Have you used the panel/kit we plan on buying? Tell us about it in the comments, PLEASE.


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I am a mom to 5, a wife to 1, and a friend to all. I want to live off the land, and I want to tell you how we did it, so you can do it too!

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